We Told You So

Big surprise. After the pounding by government forces certain areas in Syria received, did anyone expect this to stop? Did anyone really expect Assad and his band of thugs to halt the war on the Syrian people?

We’ve played this game and danced this dance so it should come as no surprise that Assad is now asking for a written guarantee from the Free Syrian Army to ensure they also agree to a ceasefire. Can we ask for a written guarantee from Syrian forces to stop the murder of children? Can we ask for a written guarantee from Assad’s militia to stop torturing innocent mothers in front of their children? Can we ask for a written guarantee the government’s army to halt all leveling of buildings where mothers and fathers have to search through the rubble for their children? Finally, can we ask for a written guarantee for the government’s forces to halt firing into refugee camps inside Turkey to leave the refugees in peace.

What is it going to take to get Assad to stop the killing and to step down from his throne? The April 12th deadline is looming and Assad is using this as a last ditch effort to kill off as many Syrians as he can before the United Nations steps up efforts. But then again, I’m not holding my breath.

Latest Stats:
Killed: 12,810
Children: 899
Females: 793
Soldiers: 1,091
Tortured to death: 498
Missing: +65,000
Arrested: +212,000

Mariam Hamou