What’s Really Shocking?

A full blown massacre in Syria is happening. Over 100 reported dead just today. Assad is in contempt of the UN mandate and the UN needs to step in NOW. There’s a relentless offensive on Hama, and Homs. Assad and his Shabiha are killing indiscriminately. Children, elderly, women, babies all murdered. So many dead bodies their families can’t bury them fast enough. Mass graves of innocent people and no one to perform burial rites.
Scores of refugees fleeing from war into Turkey and Lebanon. Anywhere that’s safe, with only the clothes on their back. Syria has a history of taking in refugees. Now Syrians are under attack by their own president and need to fight or go to safety. Damn you Bashar for creating death, destruction, rape, torture, and war on your own people. May you and all your followers rot in hell.

In all of this death and destruction, news broke today of a Chinese teen selling his own kidney for an iPad and iPhone. While it is silly that a Chinese teen gives his kidney for electronics, is it really that shocking? If North American teens had the chance to, many would opt for the latest game console or cellular phone and throw in a couple of pints of blood while they’re at it. It speaks to the strength of what we value as a society. A kidney is now a tradable commodity that is worth a shiny new iPad. What we don’t realize is that freedom costs us much more. Syrians are trading their lives for the ability to speak and assemble freely. Entire families have died, been displaced, and body parts lost all in the quest to lift the oppression to liberate and democratize. So my question is, is it really that shocking to sell an organ for a new device when thousands have died fighting for something as simple as their rights and freedoms?

Isn’t it more shocking that we have technology to deliver information instantaneously and yet the world remains ambivalent on removing Assad?
Isn’t it more shocking that we have an impotent opposition who would rather argue than do ANYTHING to help the rebels?
Isn’t it more shocking that hundreds are massacred daily and the world leaders want to give Assad more time to “reform”?
Time to take that reaction and finally turn this revolution around.

Mariam Hamou