1. To support the struggle of Syrians in gaining independence by actively assisting in facilitating the end of the illegitimate and criminal Assad regime and all individuals and parties affiliated with it.
  2. To facilitate the establishment of a democratic Syria that is secular and pluralistic where every citizen is afforded the freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly, and association regardless of race, color, sex, language, religion, origin, and affiliation of any sort.
  3. To facilitate the establishment of an inclusive system of self-governance that is representative of its people through free elections protected under a constitution adopted by means of consensus as the ultimate law of the land and ensuring equal protection and citizenry.
  4. To advocate for a system of checks and balances between the various government branches where the powers are vested in the system itself rather than individuals, groups, or parties.
  5. To help expedite the transition to self-governance in a manner that is peaceful until all options for a peaceful resolution are exhausted and to do so with an emphasis on minimizing the loss of human life.
  6. To expose the violations perpetrated by the Assad regime against the Syrian people and aid in bringing all individuals and parties of the regime guilty of crimes against humanity to justice and ensure their prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.
  7. To pursue legal action against all individuals and groups who infringe the rights of revolution supporters for expression by threatening them and/or their families, companions, or associates.
  8. To advocate for protecting the rights and interests of Syrian activists and protesters in their struggle for freedom from oppression and in their pursuit of self determination emphasizing their safety and well being.
  9. To lobby the international community for support of the Syrian people in their struggle to achieve independence.
  10. To hold accountable all groups, parties, and entities acting in a transitional role or otherwise in fulfilling their obligations of protecting the rights and interests of all Syrians.
  11. To provide humanitarian aid for all Syrians who are affected by various regime brutalities in this ongoing conflict.
  12. To act as an intermediary, establishing a line of communication between Syrians and the rest of the international community and various media outlets.
  13. To protect the interests of Syrians in North America and ensure them a voice in the future of Syria and in their respective communities in The United States and Canada.
  14. To coordinate our efforts with other groups that aim to accomplish similar goals for the advancement and betterment of Syrian causes without jeopardizing the integrity of the group.

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