For Immediate Release
November 16th, 2011

NEW YORK – France has ordered its Ambassador to Damascus, Eric Chevallier, home in the wake of recent attacks and the increasing pressure from home and abroad. The recent attacks against diplomatic missions and increasing violence stemming from Syria’s 8-month-old uprising has caused many around the world to call for Assad to step down. While this will not have a direct affect on Syria’s brutality towards its people, it will still deliver a substantial blow to Assad’s regime and cause further isolation towards his unethical practices.

“Assad has not shown any respite for the 8 month uprising and continues to crack-down on anti government forces. Defectors from the army are now in a battle with Syrian Army and have recently killed eight soldiers in an attack on the military,” said Hamdi Rifai, Chair of CoUSA, “ Citizens of Syria are fighting the regime’s silencing and complete disregard for human dignity and have asked the international community to continue its condemnation of Assad.” “We should not be providing Ambassadors to deal in diplomatic matters with governments that have no legitimacy and do not understand diplomacy.”

Syrian security forces have now killed more than 4,500 people, including at least 200 children, while arresting, detaining, forcibly disappearing, and torturing thousands upon thousands more.

CoUSA asks that the United States withdraw its ambassador from Syria to put pressure on Assad to stop the bloodshed and crackdown on protesters and to free Syrians of his tyranny.


Mariam Hamou

CoUSA Press Release – 161111


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