For Immediate Release
November 15th, 2011

NEW YORK — This afternoon, CoUSA filed a formal demand to investigate the following United States companies for violation of Federal Law prohibiting the sale or export of technology to Syria: NetApp and Blue Coat Systems Inc. CoUSA is hoping that NetApp and Blue Coat Systems Inc. will co-operate with the United States Attorney’s Office to make attempts to retrieve the equipment sold to Syria. Both of these companies produce technology which has aided the Syrian regime in oppressing it’s citizens.

“The Syrian government was added to the list of terrorist nations by the State Department and Treasury Departments due to President Bashar Assad’s support of domestic terrorism. He has used brutal force on his own people for 7 months and has not not shown any interest in easing the assault,” said Hamdi Rifai, Chair of CoUSA, “Since the start of the Syrian revolution in March of this year Syria has engaged in state sponsored killing of it’s very own citizens. Many of those citizens are also US citizens and have been victim to the Syrian regime’s illegal arrests, torture, and killing. Because of the dual national status of many of these victims this has become an urgent problem of substantial security risk to US citizens both in the US and abroad.”

“As US Citizens of Syrian origin we expect our American companies to respect the Rule of Law regardless of where the activities are taking place. Immediate action must be taken to protect American citizens of Syrian origin. We now call on the United States Attorneys office to proceed with the investigation and prosecution of NetApp and Blue Coat Systems.”


Mariam Hamou
CoUSA Media Release – 141111


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