CoUSA Calls NetApp to remove spy equipment from Syria

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

NEW YORK–Allegations of a U.S.-based company’s technology is being sent to Syria to help spy on peaceful citizens by the current tyrannical regime of Bashar Assad. It has been reported that NetApp’s role in the Syria Spy project sold through their subsidiary to the Italian company Area has been responsible for illegal arrests, torture and killings.
“CoUSA believes that the equal enforcement of the Rule of Law is of paramount importance regardless of whether it is here in the United States or in Syria and we demand that your NetApp immediately retrieve all equipment sold through the Italian office to the Syrian government,” said Hamdi Rifai, Chair of CoUSA, “as you know the United States maintains sanctions against the Syrian regime due to Syria’s support of terrorism and state sponsored killing of Syria’s very own citizens. Many of those citizens are also US citizens.”
“Many US citizens have been victim to the Syrian regime’s illegal activities. Because of the dual national status of many of these victims this has become an urgent problem of substantial security risk to US citizens both in the US and abroad. Specifically it has been reported in the media that NetApp has engaged in efforts to structure sales to Syria through an office in Italy to avoid the laws of the United States.”

  •  CoUSA does not believe that such structured transactions avoid the legal restrictions imposed upon American companies.
  •  Activities such as restructuring the transaction do not relieve your company of possible criminal liability and it most certainly does not relieve your company of civil liability and moral responsibility for the killing of over 3,500 innocent men, women and children.
  •  CoUSA will not pursue and further investigate the possibilities of further action provided we are satisfied that NetApp is doing everything possible to either retrieve or disable the products in Syria.

Immediate action must be taken not only to protect American citizens of Syrian origin but also Syrians that are being subjected to daily armed violence.


Media Contact
Mariam Hamou


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